Eerie sounds scared residents in Slovakia

Strange roaring sounds, like the cries of a giant dragon frightened the inhabitants of a small town in Slovakia. The roar was heard at sunset and lasted quite a long time.

Although the incident occurred on 15 October, while the origin of these sounds to explain failed.

  • Yes, sometimes in the wilderness, in the middle of nowhere, I hear a strange sound like an earthquake, the likes of which I have never heard before. One time I was walking down the street with someone, and there was this strange noise, and we were 2 miles away from the house, and when we went back home, everyone at the house had heard the sound, which means that the sound was at least heard over a 2 mile radius. It is strange like an earthquake rumble, but somehow different and unnatural. There is nothing like this strange sound.

  • David Mccreery

    hmmmmmmmmm… strange… I am sorry for this problem in our daily lives. maybe one of these days we will see the truth!! I bet they are angry!!