The mass death of birds in the United States

Local Input~ Over 60 dead birds were discovered on King Street between Jarvis and Dufferin today. Several live birds were picked up by the Humane Society and the rest were taken to the dump by a a city animal disposal contractor. About 20 of the birds were found on top on the Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre Inc. building at 445 King Street. In the bag are piles of dead birds.  The almost dead ones were on the grass and sidewalk. BORIS MINKEVICH / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS. August 7, 2013

Dozens of birds fell from the sky in Dorchester, a suburb of Boston (USA). All birds — 47 or 48 animals were grackles, small birds singing. Thirty-three birds eventually died.

“When I arrived, the birds flew, flew from the house to the tree, beating on trees and fall to the ground, — said Alan had Borgal League of Boston animal rescue. The weak fall to the ground from the sky”.

Local resident Salora Left says the birds was half paralyzed. “I tried to move them and it seemed that they only worked one side, put on the legs — they just fall,” she said.

And birds were not the only victims. Willen Drink found his beloved cat Sally Bee dead on my own doorstep. In the area died, another cat, and the third felt bad.

Investigators are trying to see whether there was death the result of disease or poisoning.

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