Ancestors of Genghis Khan could be Europeans

The ancestors of the legendary Mongol conqueror could be Europeans — say the scientists, who carried out the genetic analysis was found in 2004 of the remains of relatives of Genghis Khan.

About the relationship of people buried in Tavan-Tolgoe (Eastern Mongolia), founder of the most extensive in the history of mankind Empire, clearly show some of the objects found in the burial — in particular, gold jewelry (rings and earrings) with an engraving, in which archaeologists have identified the ancestral characters of the family Borghino — kind, which belonged to Genghis Khan.

In addition, the coffin, in which rested one of the men was made from the cinnamon — tree, which grows exclusively in areas of South-East Asia that have been removed from Tavan-tolgoja thousands of kilometers — to take the valuable timber at such a distance for not a noble person would not.

Disposal made during the life of Genghis Khan, served as the final resting place for four men and three women. Studying their DNA, scientists made a sensational discovery, namely, the presence of haplogroup R1b-M343 is characteristic of the inhabitants of Western Europe.
The ancestors of Genghis Khan, thus, could be assimilated in Mongolia Europeans.