On Altai have found a previously unknown archaeological monuments

Scientists have discovered a previously unknown archaeological monuments, presumably Scythian time in the course of the expedition on the territory Saylyugemskiy national Park in the Altai Republic.

During the research we identified three archaeological monument, Dating back to different periods: the burial mounds of Scythian time, the Turkic fences, with stone facings. Total found 40 more objects. In addition, discovered four previously unknown stone statues and rock carvings of the middle ages — the scenes of hunting snow leopards in Capricorn.




Presumably these barrows belong to the Scythian period. With stone facings, built in a circle, evidence of the cult of belonging. There are more than 15 clay caves. Small caves formed as a result of eating the goats mineral substances in the soil. Adjacent to national Park areas discovered the fortifications at the pass on the way to Ceragem.