The mystery of Crater lake

Crater lake located in the U.S. state of Oregon has an unusual mystery – a nine metre beam, which is 100 years old floats vertically across the lake, but not rotted and drowned and to this day.

The age of the logs, the researchers estimated at 450 years and perhaps it is floating on the lake since the time of its formation. In the written sources about the log was first written in 1902, then the lake became a National Park and the unusual beam wrote in a publication dedicated to this event.





The length of the log is 9 meters and width 1 meter. The upper part of it protrudes above the water surface 1 meter 20 centimeters.

The beam is constantly moving on the lake, the upper part cracked and burned in the sun, but it does not affect its buoyancy. Tourists called the beam Grandpa lake, and many come here specifically to their eyes to see this remarkable phenomenon.