Earthquake in Mexico can “wake up” the fault of San Andreas

The US Seismic Service published a report that the powerful earthquake that occurred in Mexico on September 8 gave a powerful impulse to the tectonic slabs of the San Andreas fault that in the near future could threaten the emergence of a powerful earthquake in this region, the magnitude of which will reach 9 points on the Richter scale .

Everything is interconnected, an underground cataclysm off the coast of Mexico, affected the tectonic slabs of the San Andreas fault, and it in turn affects the tectonic zone of Cascadia, where the Juan de Fuca plate sinks under the North American tectonic plate.

The length of the Cascadia zone is about 900 kilometers and it extends along the entire coast of the United States. Now all these tectonic plates are in motion and this can provoke an earthquake measuring 9 points in California in the San Andreas fault zone, which will lead to very destructive and catastrophic consequences.

If this happens, it will trigger a gigantic tsunami wave that will cover the California coast just 15 minutes after the earthquake. The number of casualties among the population and the extent of destruction will be enormous.