Magnitude earthquake 5.3 occurred off the coast of Turkey


An earthquake of magnitude 5.3 occurred in the Black sea. The epicenter was located 120 km from the Eregli city. The focus lies at a depth of 4.7 km. tremors were felt in Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania.

Ereğli, Turkey
120.1 km (74.6 mi) NNW
Population: 88,848
Zonguldak, Turkey
123.7 km (76.9 mi) NW
Population: 100,229
Alapli, Turkey
128.9 km (80.1 mi) NNW
Population: 20,890
Karasu, Turkey
129.3 km (80.4 mi) N
Population: 39,508
Akçakoca, Turkey
131.4 km (81.7 mi) NNW
Population: 35,151

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