Over Russia formed a zone of increased pressure

The strongest zone of increased pressure on the Earth (with the exception of the anticyclone above Antarctica, 1045 hPa) over the territory of Scandinavia and the European territory of Russia (ETR) with a pressure in the center of 1040 hPa, carrying with it to low latitudes very cold air from the north and intensive night radiation cooling on the territory of Eastern Europe.

1. Antarctic anticyclone: ​​1045 hPa (mb);
2. Scandinavian anticyclone (red spot): 1040 hPa (mb);
3. South Pacific anticyclone: ​​1035 hPa (mb);
4. Azores anticyclone: ​​1020 hPa (mb);
5. South Atlantic anticyclone: ​​1025 hPa (mb);