Scientists predict a new Great flood

2016 became the warmest and this tendency of growth is fixed since 2014. Scientists from the USA and Ireland have published results of long-term researches in which the unfavorable conclusion on the future of mankind is drawn.

We are waited by a new Great flood which will flood the coastal cities and the whole states will disappear from the face of the earth. Most coastal zones of such states as – Uruguay, Peru, will flood Venice, London, Alexandria, Holland and Denmark will suffer. Most coastal zones of such states as – Uruguay, Peru will suffer, and Venice, London, Alexandria, Holland and Denmark will be flooded.

The reasons of global climate change and prompt rates of warming cause heated arguments among scientists of the whole world. Some are sure that the mankind is guilty itself., others that the global climate change of our planet, happens because of factors unknown so far.

Scientists note that warming is distributed unevenly, for example in the Arctic it goes twice quicker, than in other parts of the planet. For example, in November, 2016 in the Arctic has been recorded temperature which by 20 degrees exceeded norm.

2014, 2015, 2016 – whether the 2017th will be the new champion on temperature increase on the planet? Climatologists consider that most likely it will occur, so the increasing of the global sea level – is inevitable.

Water temperature in the ocean is similar with interglacial period indicators, so the warmest period in the history of the planet for the last 800 thousand years is called. It existed on Earth about 115-130 thousand years ago. And then, the level of the ocean was 8-10 meters higher, than now, and air temperature was 1,5-2 degrees more. Scientists are sure that when Earth catches up with that period on temperature and it grows by these several degrees, glaciers will thaw and water level will sharply rise, having reached the level which was 120-130 thousand years ago.

The great flood is inevitable, but among scientists there is no consensus about terms of its approach. It can take decades,or hundreds and even thousands years. The climate of Earth is unpredictable and it is possible, that by some miracle the planet will manage to avoid catastrophic temperature increase, thereby having prolonged mankind life.

The western colleagues are supported by the Russian scientists who consider that if temperature in a northern part of the Atlantic Ocean increases by 3–4 degrees, then catastrophic thawing of the Greenland ice board will begin and global sea level in that case will rise at once that will cause the real natural disaster in the coastal states.