The eruption of the volcano ASO in Japan

The ASO volcano, located in the Japanese Prefecture of Kumamoto Prefecture (South-West of the country), began erupting on Saturday. This was reported by the national meteorological administration of Japan. The volcano threw a column of ash to a height of approximately 11 kilometers above sea level.

Meteorological Agency of Japan has raised the severity of the eruption up to three on a scale and urged local residents not to approach the foot of the volcano.
As reported by the authorities of Kumamoto Prefecture, due to heavy deposition of volcanic ash rail near ASO suspended. Immediately after the eruption by nearly 30 thousand houses in Kumamoto Prefecture was suspended the supply of electricity. To date, the supply is fully restored.

Information on casualties or destruction in the eruption of the volcano were reported.









Researchers warn that the explosive eruption of ASO, followed by a sharp emission from the crater of the volcano red-hot debris and ash can continue. The status of the volcano at the moment is unstable, – said the national meteorological Agency.

It is unknown whether the eruption directly with a series of powerful earthquakes that rocked the Prefecture of Kumamoto in the spring of this year.

Japanese meteorologists klassificeret the current eruption as explosive and note that this sort of activity ASO appeared for the first time since January 1980. Often there are simple eruption of ASO, the last was in April of 2016. The height of the volcano ASO is 1592 meters.