The flood is raging in Sudan

According to a recent report of the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), the flood situation in the Sudan in the past two weeks has deteriorated, particularly in the States of Kassala, South Darfur and al-Gezira.







As of August 25, flood across the country affected more than 204 thousand people. So, in Kassala the disaster has touched the lives of more than 55 thousand people, in South Darfur — more than 38 thousand inhabitants, in al-Gezira — more than 23 thousand people. In mid-August, the number of victims amounted to 161 thousand.The floods from the beginning of June 98 persons died, 15 deaths have occurred since mid-August. The UN report also States that as a result of rampant elements were damaged more than 18 thousand homes.