The weather in Greece “went crazy”

The Greek Meteorological Service EMY has issued an emergency weather forecast, according to which in the country following a 40-degree heat, thunder, rain and hail are expected.

“The weather has gone crazy – after a heat of 41 degrees storms and hail come”, “Out of the heat in the rain” – such headlines in the Greek media.

Since the beginning of the week, almost all over Greece is hot – plus 40-42 in the shade, in Athens – 37-38.

In the “red zone” the thermometer bars will remain until Saturday, and then they will be replaced by rains, storms, hail and strong winds in a number of areas.

Thunderstorms and rains are expected in northern Greece, in Western and Central Macedonia, they will be accompanied by a strong wind and hail. Since Sunday, the overall temperature drop is expected in most parts of the country, but still it will be above average at this time of year.