Found a drawing of a naked Mona Lisa

Experts from the Louvre Museum believe that the drawing of a nude woman called Monna Bath could be created by Leonardo da Vinci or his students.

The sketch is kept in the collection of the Conde Museum since 1862. It was created by charcoal. The drawing is an original, not a copy of the lost original. According to the researchers, he could represent the original outline, from which the picture would later turn out.

The features of the woman in the picture, according to experts, strongly resemble those of the famous Mona Lisa. In addition, the figure is the same size as the Mona Lisa. The researchers confirmed that the sketch dates from the 15th-16th centuries.

According to experts, one hundred percent assert that the drawing was created by Leonardo, it is impossible yet. The strokes near the woman’s head were made right-handed, while Leonardo wrote with his left hand.

Experts believe that they will be able to establish the authorship of the drawing within two years.