Short sci-Fi film about a post-apocalyptic world and the people in it. Living in a post-apocalyptic Earth, a young girl Down Leila (Leila Dawn) is the only person left alive. Raised by robots after the rest of humanity off the planet destroyed by nuclear war, Leila cannot forget her parents and trying to find other organic life.

Short film “P. L. U. G.” is the directorial debut of the famous designer and artist David Levi (David Levy), who created the concepts for such films as “Tron: Legacy”, “the Game Ender” and “Prometheus”. Unlike other sci-Fi movies, the rich visuals of high quality, “P. L. U. G.” is more like the classic films of the 1970-ies, for example “Star wars.” In this short film you will find more real props than computer effects, because of this, the picture seems more alive.