The airplane on solar batteries will be sent to a stratosphere

The SolarStratos company plans to send the double plane on solar batteries to height of 23 km above the ground. The first flight which will be extended five hours is planned for 2018. Officially the plane will be provided to public on December 7 this year.

According to representatives of the company, two hours will be necessary for the plane for this purpose, to rise by the set height. Within 15 minutes it will be at this height. 3 more hours will be required on decrease.


The 8,5-meter device will be equipped with the 32 kW electric motor, lithium – the ion accumulator with a capacity of 20 kWh and solar panels with a total area of 22 sq.m installed on wings.


As in a cabin it won’t be supported fixed pressure, the pilot will be in a special suit. Specialists of the company are engaged in production of the plane PC Aero.