The diver took pictures of the mysterious “underwater lake” in Mexico

British diver Tom St. George was buried to a depth of 30 m in the flooded cave — cenote called Angelita in Tulum, Mexico, to make awesome pictures of local “underwater lake.”

Strange “lake” is actually a cloud of hydrogen sulfide formed in the halocline — the layer of water which is formed when salt water meets fresh.

Angelica translates as “little angel” and is part of a network of flooded caves, stretching nearly 500 km Cenotes here represent a complex water circulation system connected to the ocean.







Photos of Saint George can be seen that in the cave under the water preserved the trees, which are located on the island acting from sulfurous lake. This place is reminiscent of films about vampires and witches, is a favorite attraction among divers.

Cenotes — natural sinkholes formed by the breaking of the vaults of limestone caves, in which the flow of groundwater. Cenotes are to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and nearby Caribbean Islands.