The Italians created a floating UFO house

Italian designers of the Jet Capsule company introduced a new version of its floating UFO house 2.0, which has the shape of a flying saucer.

Earlier this year the company Jet Capsule, which is developing a mini-yacht, introduced the concept of a floating house UFO. Its main features are the ability to drift the seas and full autonomy, which is provided by solar panels and water filters. Now the Italian designers presented an updated and improved version of the floating house, which will soon have to enter the market.

Like its predecessor, the UFO 2.0 is a floating home that will be built from carbon fiber and fiberglass, and allow their owners to literally sleep with the fishes, because the bedroom of their home submerged in water.













This new version is more than the first. Now the diameter of the plot is 20 m versus 12.5 in the first version of the house. In addition, the UFO 2.0 has three levels. The first floor includes a kitchen and a bathroom, while the upper floor is a work room and control room. The deep level consists of a large bedroom and bathroom as standard, however, as the developers, customers will have the possibility of expanding the design to four bedrooms.

Unlike the first version, the UFO 2.0 has two motors that allow the house to disperse up to 16 km/h the House will be powered with electricity through a combination of solar panels, wind turbines and water turbines. All these sources will be connected to the complex of the 16 batteries that will store energy for future use.