The prototype of a new supersonic airliner is presented

The American company Boom Technology provided a prototype of the new supersonic passenger plane XB-1 Supersonic Demonstrator. By calculations of the company the new line boat shall be quicker than the predecessor, “Concorde”, at least for 10%.

Financial and technical support of the project is performed by the company of the British billionaire Richard Branson — Virgin Galactic.

The machine already got a nickname — Baby Boom.

On the provided prototypes it is visible that the plane is constructed of composite materials, on it 40 passenger chairs — all in a row about a window are established. As declare developers, distance between New York and London XB-1 Supersonic Demonstrator will overcome in 3,5 hours.

It is supposed that the cost of the ticket will be “quite acceptable” — 5000 dollars. The first flights are planned to begin in 2017, and regular passenger traffic in 2020.

As prototypes look now and what is supposed an interior in salon, see below: