The robot has collected Rubik’s cube in 0,637 seconds

The Sub1 Reloaded robot collected Rubik’s cube in 0,637 seconds. We repeat: 0,673 seconds. 21 turns — and all sides of a cube of steel of one color.

The previous record belongs to one of versions of the same robot (only the processor was another): then it kept within 0,887 seconds. The new processor of production of the German company Infineon allowed to improve result. The company plans to use the device in self-driving cars.

However the expert in artificial intelligence Noel Sharkey noticed that success in exercises with Rubik’s cube — yet not a guarantee that the processor will cope also with driving of the pilotless machine. “Driving — much more complex challenge, than a cube of Rubik which assembly comes down to a simple algorithm” — quotes the expert the website of BBC.

To be fair It should be noted that the robot collected not a regular cube, but special which sides turn quicker and easier, than at a puzzle from toy store. The record according to the solution of a puzzle the person constitutes 4,74 seconds and was delivered a few days ago by Mats Valk.

Representatives of the Guinness Book of Records at the Munich fair of microelectronics where there took place demonstration, weren’t. Officially to set a record, developers of the robot shall provide in office of the Book of records of the proof of the achievement.