17 Aug fireballs attacked the people around the world

Over the past few days from Russia and the United States come similar news related to the attacks fireballs at people. According to incomplete data while in different countries for a few hours of ball lightning killed and wounded at least a dozen people.

17 Aug 2016 at 12.25 in the village of Cape Naarai Salle of the Ural district on the Yamal Peninsula, one child was lost, two more have received severe burns from the impact fireball flew into the tent to herders and exploded inside.At this time in the tent were 7-year-old boy and two girls 12 and 16 years. As a result, the boy died on the spot, and the girls received burns of second and third degree. The victims were taken to the district hospital Salekhard.

17 Aug 2016 at 20.00 CMM a similar attack occurred in the village of Nepryadva Volovsky district of Tula region, the fireball hit one of the apartments of a house, where at this time were elderly couple and their 10-year-old grandson, who had come on vacation from Moscow. The boy received a slight contusion, a fireball smashed furniture. On the scene left the fire brigade IR-91. Upon arrival at the scene at 20:04, the fire was liquidated by the owners of the house. The incident in the kitchen have melted wiring, burned the Wallpaper and ceiling in the area of 1 sq. m.

In the USA, the fireball flew into the house and exploded, killing the child and the dog, which was decapitated…

Also received a message from the Chuvash Republic, where a fireball flew out of the electric meter, burned the man’s ear and flew out through the window…

In Novovyatsk, Kirov region fireball burned appliances of residents of two entrances, because of the explosion of lightning in the hallways burned intercoms, tenants believe they got off easy…

On the same night of 17-18 August under Bratsk in the Irkutsk region under mysterious circumstances when ignited makeshift hut burned to death two 10 year old boys. Of disaster emergency services reported another juvenile, who noticed smoke. Firefighters were able to extinguish the flames as quickly as it spread, but at analysis of blockages found completely charred body of students. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

What is this activation of ball lightning is unknown. According to the statistics, these date ball lightning aktiviziruyutsya is not the first, biggest and most famous outbursts CMM occurred on 17 August 1978, August 17, 2000, August 17, 2012. And now – 17 August 2016…

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