95 dolphins have washed ashore at the coast of Florida

95 small whales run aground to the west of Everglades Park in Florida. The rescuers arrived to the place of events, but despite their efforts to salvage animals it wasn’t possible. 86 dolphins have died, and 9 it was necessary to lull for humane reasons.

It is unclear, why such large number of dolphins so persistently were going to the death. The coast guard tried to frighten off the animals approaching the shallow, but despite the taken measures, all of them have committed mass suicide. Especially this fact seems strange because these species of dolphins usually doesn’t appear in this area.

Small killer whale, or black killer whale — a mammal from a monotype sort of small killer whales and belong to the family of dolphins. Also it can be crossed to the species of dolphins such as afalins giving hybrids. Small killer whales reach length of 4-6 meters and live in the tropical and moderate seas.

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They saw a Starbucks advertisement and killed themselves.

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