A 32 year old man looks like a 14 year old boy. He just stopped aging from the age of 13

32 year old man looks like a 14 year old boy

To an outside observer, Denis Vashurin, who lives in a small village in the Krasnoyarsk Territory of Russia, may seem like any other teenager, except for the fact that he is actually a 32-year-old man.

Vashurin was born in 1987 and began life as an ordinary child, but soon his parents noticed that something went wrong, and he did not grow up in the same way as his peers.

The older he got, the more noticeable his difference from others became. By the time he was a teenager, it was clear that he had stopped growing and looked significantly younger than his other peers.

“When I realized that I would no longer physically change, at first I felt a bit uncomfortable,” he says. “I thought about how everything will be, how my life will turn out, whether it will be hard for me.”

Despite the fact that Vashurin looked so young, he managed to lead a relatively normal life, although he had to prove his age several times to government officials, including
while driving.

Ironically, his friends and even his girlfriend began to call him “grandfather.”

“You cannot live my life,” he said. “You don’t know how you will live in my body, in my situation, what kind of person you will become. So don’t judge. ”

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