A huge UFO surface of the moon on the images of the mission Apollo-16

In 1972, the tenth manned flight of American astronauts to the moon took place. This mission was called “Apollo 16”.

Pictures taken during this mission from 16 to 27 April 1972 and are now available to the public in archives published by NASA.

In one of these pictures, representing a panorama of the terrain in the area of ​​the Hilbert crater located on the reverse side of the Moon, a huge spherical object hovering over the lunar surface is clearly visible.

This photo is taken from a height of 114 kilometers from the surface and you can imagine what a huge size this UFO is. The object is a white sphere of regular shape, hanging at an altitude of about 20 meters from the surface near one of the small moon hills.

This UFO casts its shadow on the surface of the Moon, which allows us to assert that the object is “hanging” above the surface, and on is on it.

How many more secrets does the back of the Moon store where there are always a lot of anomalies, UFOs, alien bases and structures. The mystery hiding very close to our planet and perhaps it contains all the answers to the questions that humanity has been asking since its appearance on this planet – who we are, where we are from, who created us and why?

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