A huge UFO was observed in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

June 18, 2018 around 9:20 pm in the sky Barnsley in South Yorkshire, Britain, appeared a huge disk-like UFO.

The witness describes the object as follows: The UFO appeared in the sky over Barnsley around 9:20 pm, I thought that if this is some strange cloud, then it looks inappropriate, because in the sky all day there was not a single cloud and at the time of observing it there were no clouds at all.

When I returned to the kitchen about an hour later, he was still in the same place as an hour ago. It seemed to me that the object was reflecting light, so I went up to the second floor to shoot this video. The UFO stayed there for a long time. The last time I saw him was in the same place at 23:30, and then it was already too dark to continue watching him.

Interesting observation. Of course in nature there are so-called lenticular clouds, which in their form are similar to UFOs, but in this case the object in the sky over Barnsley is not at all like a lenticular cloud or other cloud, since there was not a single cloud in the sky all day.

What was it – a UFO?

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