A man without a spacesuit on an old photo of the mission Apollo 17 from the Moon

On YouTubeBreak Streetcap1, which searches for various anomalies in photos, UFOs and other unusual phenomena, a new video was posted on November 16th. The researchers found an old photo from NASA from the Moon, which was made in 1972 during the landing of astronauts mission Apollo 17.

In the reflection of the glass of the astronaut’s suit, imprinted on the surface of the moon near some depression, one can clearly see the figure of a man dressed in a suit that does not look like a spacesuit at all. Some even say that he is dressed just in a jacket and pants with sneakers.

Critics say that the photo is just another astronaut, but the person in the reflection definitely lacks a large backpack, which was an obligatory part of the Apollo 15-17 moon suits and in which there was a cumbersome life support system.

The original picture on the NASA website

A human figure is clearly visible

According to the authors of the video, one of the workers in the filming scene, on which the “landing on the Moon” was shot, was shot, that is, this picture shows that the flight of Apollo 17 (and maybe other Apollo also) was a fake and was filmed on Earth.

Adherents of the so-called “Moon conspiracy theory” believe that American President John F. Kennedy desperately wanted to defeat the USSR in a space race and for this it was necessary to land first on the moon.

Since technically even now it is extremely difficult to do, and in those days was considered almost impossible, Kennedy ordered the production of a series of films about “landing on the moon” in top-secret film studios. And when Kennedy decided to tell the truth (conscience seized?), He was shot.

Critics of this theory indicate that there were traces of astronauts landing on the moon. In response, they are objected that we know about this from NASA photos, and they are involved in making fakes and could also fake these photos.

Previously, in the lunar photo missions Apollo also found unexplained objects (UFOs), as well as phenomena that are difficult to explain logically (the absence of stars in the sky in the photo from the moon, fluctuations of the American flag from the wind, etc.).

NASA never comments on the found “fake” photos, but always denies any lunar conspiracies and assures that the flights to the Moon were in reality.

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