A meteorite or a UFO fell off the coast of Brazil?

Eyewitnesses observed the fall of a large meteorite near the city of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. A powerful outbreak occurred over the ocean near the coast of the country.

The fall of the space visitor was observed by residents of several cities located on the coast. The incident occurred on July 7, 2018, around 10:35 pm.

Residents of the cities of Mossoro, Aria Branca, Assu, Barauna, Severano Melo and Ikaui, said they witnessed the flight of a meteorite and a subsequent violent outburst in the sky.

Eyewitnesses say that in the sky a fireball suddenly appeared, then he changed the direction of the flight and collapsed into the ocean, and before the fall the entire sky lit up with a flash of turquoise color.

Daniel Fortunato managed to record what is happening on the video and it seems that everything corresponds to what happens when a meteorite falls, but there remains one big disconnect – the change of trajectory before falling into the ocean. Meteorites do not change the trajectory, but controlled aircraft can do this.

So, what falls from outer space into the terrestrial ocean? This is not the first time a UFO (an unidentified flying object) has fallen into the ocean near the coast of a country. For example, more recently, I wrote that a similar object fell into the ocean near the coast of the US (Washington State).

Are they meteorites or are they alien ships? which occupy positions near the coast near the major terrestrial megacities?

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