A mysterious giant ring structure in Germany

Study of a little-known scientific cards, sometimes gives great results. I recently stumbled upon an interesting relief map of the southern shores of the Baltic sea, where near the coast in Germany near the town of kulen, Wendorf you can see a giant ring structure, consisting of several rings of different shapes and sizes.

In the center of this ring structure. now the lake Miko. The artificial lake, fed by the tributary of the river Warnow. The lake is situated in the centre of the strange formation. The average lake depth of 70 cm Area: 61 hectares Near the town of kulen, Wendorf is a municipality in Germany, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Part of the district Parchim. The population is 940 people. 49,60 covers an area of km2.

Find really interesting is that this is a huge impact crater caused by the fall of a giant meteorite or an artificial entity, a huge city, which was built, like Atlantis in the form of rings?

Any information on this ring-shaped structure of gigantic proportions nowhere. On satellite images in the area you can only see the many lakes that populate the inner ring of this structure, but the structure is almost invisible, but nobody known the terrain, this structure is visible perfectly.

What is under lake Miko in the heart of this strange formation – the remains of a giant meteorite that crashed into this place millions of years ago or the remains of ancient cities unknown civilization?

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