A new video of the study of mummies of extraterrestrials discovered in Peru

Researchers have published a new video telling about the study of five mummified alien bodies found in a cave on the Nazca plateau in Peru. The video shows all five mummies, the cave in which they were discovered, scientists conducting mummy research, their X-ray study, sampling and scientists’ comments.

The video also tells about a man who found a cave with mummies of aliens in the remote part of the Nazca desert. The researcher is called Mario and he was searching for the traces of ancient civilizations on the Nazca plateau since 1990. According to him, he discovered many mysterious places during his expeditions. He claims that it was for this discovery that he spent many years wandering around the deserted and uninhabited mountains, studying caves and rereading all the works concerning the Nazca plateau and the ancient civilization of a mysterious civilization.

When he discovered the entrance to the cave, then at the outer entrance immediately realized that this is some kind of burial, a tomb. Inside the cave he discovered two sarcophaguses in one of which were stored various objects about which he does not yet speak, and in the second two mummies of medium size and many mummies of very small humanoids. The largest mummy of an alien was not in the sarcophagus, but lay near it half-filled with some kind of white powder.

Mario was afraid to report his findings to the authorities or official scientists, since he rightly assumed that in this case no one would know about his discovery, and most likely his life would be put under a big question.

Jamie Maussan said that Mario has forbidden to photograph his face in a photo or video and flatly refuses to show the cave in which he made this sensational discovery, just as he does not want to return the objects found in the first sarcophagus.

According to Mario, he does not report the coordinates of the cave because at the moment he showed the world only a tenth of all that is there. The cave is a spacious hall from which deep tunnels will delight in the depths of the earth, which he has not yet explored. He is afraid that if authorities learn about the exact location of the cave, this place will simply be destroyed.

He provided five mummies of extraterrestrial humanoids and believes that this is enough for now. If the world community takes seriously this discovery that can turn all our ideas about the past of the human race and the world scientists that have flown from all over the world to Peru, instead of accusing them of mystification, without even bothering to conduct mummy research, they will behave like real Scientists and join the already formed team of researchers conducting the study of mummies of aliens, then he can and will open the place where the cave is located.

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