A nun whose body remained intact after four years in the grave

An incredible discovery occurred in the small town of Gower, Missouri. In moving the remains of the founder of the local order, Sister Benedictine Mary, Queen of the Apostles, they discovered that the body of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster, a nun, remained imperishable, despite having been buried four years earlier. This event astonished not only the members of the order, but also many people who come to the monastery to see the phenomenon, which many consider a miracle.

Originally conceived as a tribute to the woman who formed the order in 1995, the exhumation took a “miraculous turn” when the sisters realized that her body had not turned to bone but inexplicably remained incorruptible.

Lancaster’s body was not embalmed, and her casket had a significant crack in the center that allowed water to seep into the casket and this must have accelerated the decomposition process. However, the body remained imperishable, and many items in her coffin remained intact.

A bouquet of dried flowers, a candle with a ribbon, her crucifix and a rosary were in the coffin like new. All perfectly intact. Even more striking was the complete preservation of her sacred vestment, made of natural fibers. The synthetic veil was perfectly intact, while the lining of the casket, made of the same material, was perfectly deteriorated and rotted.

The sisters understandably didn’t know what to do after making the astonishing discovery, and Cecilia remarked that “you can’t Google ‘what to do with an imperishable body.'” The nun’s body is now on display in the convent chapel until May 29, when it will be encased in glass after a special ceremony. As one can imagine, news of this miraculous event has caused hundreds of people to flock to the monastery to gaze upon Lancaster’s imperishable body and marvel at what many consider a miracle.

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