A strange object in satellite imagery may be the secret base.

An unusual building was found in the south of the state of Nevada – not far from the military base “Zone 51”. This is a classified object, which is often associated with studies of alien civilizations. Conspiracy theorists say that it is at this military base that specialists study guests from space and their ships.

The picture clearly shows that three entrances to the tunnel were made in one of the low mountains. An access road leads to them. The tunnels are clearly not of natural origin – the picture clearly shows that the entrances to the mountain are made by man.

Tyler Glockner, who discovered a strange object, immediately remembered the theories of Bob Lazar. This man is the author of numerous articles on contacts between the American government and alien civilizations. Lazar claimed that he himself worked as a scientist in “Zone 51”, and saw both “plates” and “green men”.

What did the conspiracy theorists actually find? What is hidden from us? Most likely, unusual tunnels – just one of the underground garages, where the US military are developing new weapons. And surely without the participation of “space guests” – earthlings themselves all can.

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