A strange underwater creature noticed in Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, a group of friends made a walk along the river canal and everything was fun until a very strange silhouette of an unknown creature appeared from under the water behind their boats.

One of the participants of this water walk, Debi Morales, said that everything happened on the channel of the local river under the name Isabella. He admits that no one expected to see something unusual during the next walk on the water, but when he and his friends watched a short video recording made by one of them, they were very surprised that they saw it.

If you view this video, you can see how from the river depth behind the boat from under the water suddenly rises a certain creature outlines reminiscent of a humanoid.

According to friends after the event, they do not really want to travel on this channel. They are glad that they did not notice what happened immediately, but only on video. Otherwise, for sure many would jump off the boat and everything could end very bad for a fun company.

The creature is really strange. Pale skin color, there is a head, arms and body, but everything looks very strange. What is it – an alien creature, a mythical mermaid or is everything much simpler and a person drowned in this river got into the video?

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