A traveler in time showed a video from 2120

The network has a new video with a man calling himself a time traveler who came in 2018 from the distant 2030. In support of his fantastic story, he even shows on his smartphone a video he had allegedly shot in Las Vegas of the future.

According to him, this video he made in 2120 while in this city. This man says that he “puts his life in danger telling that time travel is real.”

He calls himself – Noah. About the future, this self-appointed alien from the future has reported such details, – Trump will be re-elected for a second term, and the seemingly establishing peace between North and South Korea will collapse.

Short video from 2120 he commented so, the machines are all flying there, the cities are technologically very advanced, and global warming also threatens human civilization, but even more so now and so on the video is the sky with a red tint. In the future, according to him, “incredibly hot.”

In the future, on Earth already openly live aliens who are no longer hiding, but co-exist with people.

Personally, this “traveler” was not impressed with my video, which for some reason is shown off hand and it seems to me very striking that this is a computer simulation.

Also, all these “travelers” for some reason began to appear in the United States like mushrooms after the rain and everyone always mentions North Korea and Trump as if in the future there is nothing more interesting or as if everyone on the planet Earth in 2018 are interested only in these topics.

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