A very fast UFO flew over Buffalo, USA

During the live broadcast, when the presenter talked about the weather, the background was broadcast from cameras directed to the sky over Buffalo, New York (USA).

On this broadcast in real time, it is very easy to see the passage of an Unidentified flying object in the sky above the city.

It happened while the leading meteorologist Andy Parker was on the air later in the evening at 11:20 pm on Thursday 14 June. This UFO moved from west to east, but not in a straight trajectory, but made a turn and turned north with a set of heights, going beyond the limits of the webcam view.

Interestingly, host Andy Parker at that moment was just looking at the screen and noticed the appearance of this unidentified object. He suggested that it could be a meteorite, but this hypothesis does not stand up to the actual data on the flight of this UFO.

UFO is moving not just quickly, but very quickly. The object has a basic white body behind which a trail similar to an inversion trail stretches, but this is not an airplane, since no aircraft is able to fly with such a crazy speed and yet make a sharp change in course and flight trajectory.

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