A woman found in her bathroom a copy of her deceased husband

On May 9, 2018, a very unusual call came from the frightened woman to the sheriff’s office along the line 911. This conversation lasted 11 minutes and was recorded on tape.

The police dispatcher asked the question what was going on, to which the woman, frightened, replied that someone had entered her house.

“I think someone got into my house and now he’s in the bathroom,” the caller said.

“Are you safe, are there anyone else besides you in the house?” What is your address? “The policeman asked.

– I live alone in the house no one else. I now locked myself in the bedroom, and he probably entered the house through the window, I heard the sound of broken glass. My address, – the woman names the address.

“You locked the door to the bedroom.” call yourself, what’s your name ?, – the police.

“My name is Ketty, but I locked the door to my bedroom,” the woman says.

“A two-story house, it’s upstairs, a cracker on the first floor,” says the dispatcher, addressing the sheriff.

“Ok, Ketty, the patrol car is on the way.” Hold on, the dispatcher.

– Does the house have pets? Do you have a dog? The police will have you in 19 minutes, tell them you need to worry about the dog ?, – the police.

– No, I only have a cat, – a woman.

“Can I go check what’s going on down there?” Maybe I was just in vain frightened? – female.

– No, do not do this, stay in the room, – the police.

“I’ll just see what’s down there.” I’ll look out. the door to the bathroom is closed and the light there is not lit, no sound. Maybe in the bathroom just something fell, and I was scared. I’ll go and see – a woman.

“Stay where you are, Ketty.” Do not go there, – the police.

– Maybe it was something my cat Melvin smashed. I’ll look for him. Kitty Kitty Kitty. Melvin …, the woman left the bedroom and was looking for her cat.

“Cathy?” Cathy go back to the bedroom, – the police.

– I can not find my cat, maybe he’s in the bathroom, – the woman comes down and goes to the bathroom.

– Cathy ?, – the police.

– Oh my God! God !, the woman screams.

“Cathy?” are you okay?. Wait for the police, they will soon arrive – the police.

“I’m fine, the mirror is broken in the bathroom, there are splinters everywhere, I cut myself,” says Cathy.

It is audible, as the woman suddenly starts to breathe heavily at it the strongest shock.

“Cathy?” Cathy are you okay ?, – the police.

“There’s a naked man in the bathroom,” Cathy says.

– He sleeps, what does he do ?, – the police.

“He’s covered in blood and he’s naked,” says Cathy.

“Oh, my God!” The woman screams and she can be heard that she is very frightened.

“Are you okay that he’s alive with the man?” – the police.

“It’s covered in blood.” He has blood from his ears. It’s John … John … Hold on, they’re on their way, “the woman says to the man in the bathroom.

“John?” Who is Cathy? Who is John ?, – the police.

“This is my husband,” the woman replies.

“But your husband died in 2011, we have noted this,” the dispatcher says in surprise. “Do you live alone?” Your husband died Cathy.

“I know that my husband is dead,” a woman responds through tears. “I know, but it’s him.”

“This is my husband John, but he’s young, he’s quite a boy, but that’s him, only young,” Cathy yells.

“Oh my god … It’s him … But he’s not … He’s young, very young, but this is my John.” My husband … who died … Oh my god, – the woman cries.

“God, he’s much younger than when we first met him.” I do not understand … John … He has the same tattoo in the same place as his husband’s, It’s him, my God .. – the woman is crying.

“Cathy’s at your house.” Exit the bathroom and open the door to them. Katie? Are you Katie here? – Dispatcher.

The sound of the broken glass is heard. The house is penetrated by policemen.

– This is the police! Man go out and keep your hands in sight. Are you all right, ma’am? ma’am you’re here ?, – a police squad.

– Yes, we found them. Man, ear trauma. The pulse is weak. Send an ambulance, the police.

The police detained a young man who was in the bathroom. Doctors provided him with first aid and he was taken to the county sheriff’s office. Then for some reason an FBI staff arrived there an hour later, which removed the police from the investigation and took the man with them.

What happened to a woman named Cathy is not known. The police banned the case. Whether the FBI has been taken away by the police does not know. One of the policemen working in the sheriff’s office anonymously reported about the incident, who described all that had happened and sent an audio record of the telephone conversation of the police dispatcher with the woman. The policeman did not name his name, saying that he was afraid to lose his job because of this and hoped that the woman was okay and asked the journalists to check whether it was so.

What happened on that strange night on May 9, 2018. It turns out that the one who lived alone after the death of her husband who happened in 2011, a woman, suddenly hears the noise of broken glass. She thinks that a robber has entered the house. Goes down and sees that in the bathroom the mirror is broken and lies the bleeding young man who is her husband, but only much, much younger.

The man besides the exterior has a tattoo on the same place as that of the deceased John. Was it a time traveler? It seems that this person suddenly found himself in his home in the bathroom, saw his reflection in the mirror and, fearing that he saw himself as a young man, broke it, cut himself and lost consciousness from the loss of blood.

Who is he? And why so quickly the FBI took this case and did not allow investigating the local police …

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