Abnormal square clouds

It’s unusual, incredible, strange and wrong. Clouds should not be square, but it is these clouds that began to appear over our planet in recent years and the number of such anomalies is constantly increasing.

What are the reasons for these strange changes in the atmosphere of our planet? That this is an unusual weather phenomenon, but nature does not create clouds in the form of a square with an angle of 90 degrees, it is simply impossible.

Then, what is this and what is the reason for this? The consequences of the secret struggle against climate change? The results of the US installation of the HAARP, which heats the upper atmosphere by controlling the climate?

Is there someone on Earth with such technologies? we know that, for example, the dispersal of rain clouds is actually a commonplace and the norm for which very few people pay attention at all, and this is nothing more than geoengineering – weather management.

But what is the reason for the appearance of the square clouds that people on the ground see, the pilots of planes and even cosmonauts photograph such clouds in the orbit of our planet (ISS).

There are many options, but none of them has one hundred percent confirmation. All the leading countries of the world categorically deny the use of climate control technologies, but what happens then?

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