Al Bilek and his journey into the future

Al Bilek is famous for taking part in the mysterious Philadelphia experiment, and also because he twice visited the future in 2137 and 2749.

As Bilek himself said, everything began on August 13, 1943, when he was on the destroyer DE 173 where the Philadelphia experiment was conducted, as a result of which the warship disappeared for some time, and then appeared. Part of the crew was killed by being literally soldered into the bulkheads of the ship, part of it went crazy, and some were missing.

Belek was lucky, he survived and regained consciousness in the military hospital. Almost two months he was treated for radiation exposure. He was treated with light and vibrations. At first he did not understand where he was, until the flat screen of the TV, which was very thin, like a piece of paper, hung on the wall hung in the room, but transmitted a very colorful and clear image. It turned out that Bilek is in the hospital, but not in 1943, but in 2137.

On TV there were news and educational programs on the basis of which he compiled an idea of ​​the world of the future. It was the world after global climate change that led to disastrous consequences. Europe and the United States were no longer the same as before. The shorelines changed dramatically due to the rise in the ocean level, and for example the American state of Florida did not exist in the future as it was flooded.

The US coast was the state of Georgia with the city of Atlanta, and the Mississippi turned into an inland waterway. The famous Great Lakes have turned into one, but very large lake. The United States itself ceased to exist, and even such a word and nation as the “Americans” did not exist anymore, as did the Canadians and Canada itself.

On the remnants of the United States and Canada, a unified military administration was introduced and it was the military who tried to unite the country as a single government did not exist.

The people of the future knew about the approach of the catastrophe and tried to prevent it by creating the technology of artificial poles, to avoid a sharp change of poles. The total population of the planet has dropped to 300 million – the total number of the population of all the surviving countries, and only 50 million people have survived in the United States and Canada.

Interestingly, Bilek said that before the cataclysm, the United States tried to create a single world government, but Russia and China opposed it, after which the World War began in which China and Russia confronted the US and Europe.

The result of the hostilities was the almost complete destruction of the United States, Europe and their allies, and Russia and China were affected, the world plunged into chaos. He also told that in the future in order to combat radiation contamination after the war, alien technology was used.

Then, according to Bilek, he was suddenly transferred from the hospital ward where he was treated in 2137 at once in 2749. He spent two years there from 2749 to 2751, but he did not talk much about this period of the future.

According to him, in 2751 there was no World Government. The world was controlled by artificial intelligence, and the world order could be called socialist, everyone received what he needed for life. I did not buy, but I did.

The world has changed, the radiation has disappeared. In the ocean, huge cities swam. On the question, and who all the same controlled the world, because even the AI ​​system someone had to manage, Bilek replied that no one, all ruled a huge crystal pyramid floating in the ocean. She was like a crystal and everyone living on the planet could communicate with her by the power of thought and this system answered and satisfied the requests for getting this or that object for life.

After his travels in time, Bilek also returned unexpectedly and then told journalists about his movements in time, wrote about this book, but few believed him, or maybe he really and truly visited our future?

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