Alien drone spotted over the field in Italy

This photo was taken on June 14 this year in Perugia, Italy. According to the person who made this photo, driving along a country road, he drew attention to a ball-shaped UFO that flew off the field and hung over it at a low altitude.

Stopping the car, he managed to photograph this object, which in a second at a huge speed flew vertically up. If you look at the photo, you can see that the surface of the object reflects sunlight and it has gleams, it is smooth and shiny.

The color of the object is green, the same as that of the grass on the field. It can be assumed that this UFO used camouflage by mimicking the color of the field. The fact that he was noticed passing by a local resident is just a big coincidence.

It is interesting that the object though has a spherical shape, but it is not an ideally round ball. The photos have already been examined by specialists who confirmed that it was genuine and had not undergone any changes.

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