Alien technologies are already being used in our daily lives

Sometimes you ask yourself why technology has made such a big leap in the last 20 years – computers, smartphones, the world wide web, wireless communication and other similar technologies, and this declassified document can answer this question.

People always ask when the US government makes an official statement about the existence of extraterrestrial life and UFOs, but in fact, the disclosure of information has already occurred.

Every day when you use conventional devices, you are already working with alien technology, you just do not recognize it as someone else’s technology, and young people who grow up with these technologies perceive it as “normal”.

An interesting declassified document, “Investigation of Commercial Applications for Extraterrestrial Technologies from Palo Alto, CA Research Center”, which you can find on the CIA website at the request of FOIA (Filthstep Productions International, April 8, 2018), shows extremely detailed images of alien artifacts, gravitational generators and other advanced technologies.

These advanced technologies were based on artifacts of extraterrestrial origin from the UFO crash sites over the past two decades.

For example:

Personal anti-gravity generator (small portable size),

3D recorder / image projector.

Complex systems of foreign symbols and geometric structures that can determine the functionality of artifacts, and manipulate their behavior, similar to the programming language, but without the need for a compilation or interpretation phase.

Studies of these extraterrestrial artifacts are aimed at turning personal anti-gravity into a product for the consumer market, but they want to start with earlier versions of the original technology in order to mitigate the impact on its integration.

This document not only confirms that UFOs were wrecked on Earth, they collected a lot of materials, devices, technologies and information from broken UFOs that they transferred to new secret projects, and also put some of these technologies on the consumer market, but, as stated in the document, they are introduced slowly and in stages.

Declassified document

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