American astronauts discovered on the moon of the city of aliens

Megalithic buildings are scattered all over the Earth and so far no one knows who built them. Maybe the answer should not be sought here, but on the Moon?

In 1969, American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the surface of the Moon. After the mission of Apollo 11 NASA held a press conference at which the astronauts who landed on the moon were also present.

Transcripts of this press conference are available today and on it Neil Armstrong directly states that during the landing on the Moon they observed huge UFOs accompanying them in the Moon’s orbit.

In addition, there is a video recording made by astronauts while on the surface of the Moon, which proves that there were discovered megalithic buildings of extraterrestrial civilization.

Huge buildings of giant blocks with columns, multi-level with lots of doors and windows. Perhaps those who built these megalithic cities on the Moon were still there and this is the reason for the termination of flights to the moon.

Many years have passed since the historical missions “Apollo”, but the earthlings are not in a hurry to return to the Moon and this should be the obvious reason and it is that people collided on the Moon with the fact that they once and for all repulsed their desire to fly to the Earth satellite.

Armstrong openly stated that, while they were on the moon, they were accompanied by alien ships that were watching them. Probably not only observed, but also made contact by explaining to earthlings. that they have nothing to do on the moon.

Armstrong said in an interview: “It was incredible … of course, we always knew that there was an opportunity .. the fact is that we were warned.”

When asked what he had in mind, he replied: “I can not go into details except to say that their ships far surpass our size and technology.” Believe me, they were great! … and menacing … ”

Neil Armstrong also saw on the Moon huge buildings, buildings, temples with columns and much more about what NASA decided to keep silent. that such information would not cause panic among the world’s population.

There is a video made by Armstrong on the Moon where he and his partner examine a huge building built of large blocks with many rooms and floors, the dimensions of this structure and square columns are clearly visible.

This explains a lot. It becomes clear why people stopped flying to the moon, they were simply banned by those who are the lunar master, an extraterrestrial civilization far superior to human development.

It becomes clear why there is not a single videotape of the filming done on the Moon. According to NASA, these films were re-recorded, simply because there was a deficit of films and they were reused. Really? Films with recordings of historical flight and disembarkation of people on the Moon were re-recorded due to a deficit of films in NASA? Who will believe this?

Surely these recordings are still stored in NASA under the “secret” label, but we still have videotape records that showed TV channels around the world and there are also records that were not officially published, but which were copied by employees and handed over to journalists. NASA denies the authenticity of such videos, but this is understandable.

This video explains a lot, including confirms those objects that I found on the images of the satellite LRO where the ruins of megalithic buildings, temples, sculptures, columns and various mechanisms are clearly visible.

I wonder who destroyed them and when. Has this happened already after the astronauts saw these structures on the surface of the Moon or it happened much earlier. And who destroyed these buildings – people or aliens themselves. There are more questions than answers, but the Moon is the place where humanity can find the answer to the main question – who we are and how they appeared on the planet Earth and the main thing is why are we here?

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