American paranormal. Colorado phenomenon

Between the UFO phenomena, poltergeists and Bigfoot it is difficult to draw the dividing line. The poltergeist was played after a visit of a UFO, people see Bigfoot landed from a flying saucer. American ufologists known areas where all phenomena arise simultaneously and act as if they are governed from a single center.

In the late 1970-ies ufologists John Doerr and Leo Sprinkle learned about abnormal area in the sparsely populated County of Elbert to the Southeast of Denver, Colorado. Even by 2003, in the district he lived for only 22 thousand people.

The main participants in the events studied by ufologists, were the owners of the ranch – spouses John and Barbara. They had a business partner Jim. He had to endure. By purchasing the ranch, the new owners found out that a good many years empty. That there is “evil”, the naive townspeople said. Jim moved there in the autumn of 1975. Once the cattle began to Moo in the night. Jim came out to see what was the matter.

– A guard dog was afraid of something. She stood on the porch and asked in the house, ” he recalls. – The herd is not generally close to human habitation, but now the cows crowded around the porch so tightly that I can barely go in the yard.

I saw a large bright object orange, trapezoid shape, like the upper part of the lighthouse. Went there and all of a sudden, I realized: there is something that I not supposed to know! I went back to the house and tried to forget everything.

One winter evening, the hosts, the three of us watched TV. Jim lay down and… not able to stand, lay paralyzed. The same happened with Barbara. Outside the window was a light show flashed and went out colorful lights. But John, the only one able to move, did not dare go to the window to see what was going on.

Soon after, 16-year-old Joe, the eldest son of John and Barbara, was walking in the forest with his friend. Suddenly the boys stumbled upon a dead and bleeding cow. Her udder, eye, ear and rectum someone cut out with surgical precision. Terrified they ran home. They thought that for them someone should.

The guys came back in a panic and told them what had happened. Men went to the scene, found the mutilated corpse of a cow and in the snow – large bare feet with a length of 45 inches. Footprints walked beside the footprints of the guys from dead cows and even imprinted on the manure in the stables. Then several cows suffered the same fate.

One evening three guests of the ranch, Smoking on the terrace, he saw Bigfoot. A huge black shape broke through the barbed-wire fence and went right at them. Guests ran into the house. Jim jumped out, but no one was there. Ground left big footprints, and from the broken ends of the barbed wire hung long pieces of wool.

Meanwhile at the ranch played out a poltergeist. Moving objects, locked doors of the cars opened and closed. Bigfoot continued to be, and eventually Jim started up the gun.

– Someone approached the house, knocked at the house wall and ran away, ” Jim says. – Once I popped up after knocking and saw the fleeing a large hairy creature. Nerves were on edge, and I shot her. Looks like I did not hurt her, although shooting well and know that he was. The snow there were traces of blood.

Unknown forces acting at the ranch turns out to be able to speak. Jim had to find out this dramatic scene.

Once we returned in the evening and saw Joe and his two friends in horror huddled in a back room. According to them, someone kept banging on the walls and the roof of the house. I could not resist, flew to the porch and lashed out.

I threatened that if we don’t live, the earth will not get anyone, everything will blow to hell. Went home, drank whisky and calmed down. Then again he came out on the porch. And then came a voice that sounded, it seemed, from everywhere, “Dr. Jim, we accept.” I was shocked.

One day Jim and Barbara went to friends David and Harry. In conversation did not notice how time flew. Guests had to spend the night. Woke up to the fact that the Windows became light as day. And what? It turned out that the house landed nine UFO!

Jim, overcoming fear, went to the yard. And in that moment, some force threw Barbara out of bed on the floor. Barbara screamed for help, she ran to Harry who picked up the lady of the house and began to call Jim.

– While I was busily Barbara, the UFO disappeared, ” continued Jim. Why don’t they have knocked me out because I was going to see him? Then he began to understand that they did the most practical to drive me back to the house, and distract other people from the window. David was paralyzed during the incident – he could hear us but couldn’t get out until everything was over.

Then we went outside. Then came a high-pitched sound that resembled a very loud squeak of a mosquito. He sounded all night. David then was sick for three days, and all the rest literally had a splitting headache.

Hell, ozadivka house, not afraid of weapons. Once the window looked the stranger, apparently a giant growth. The fact that standing on the ground to reach the window is impossible, it is pretty high. Barbara shouted from the bedroom that she’s not feeling well. Jim propped just in case the door with a chair and went to calm her down.

– I reassured Barbara and returned to his seat. And suddenly the door opened, knocking over a chair. I jumped up, ran to the door, slammed it shut again. And right here, in my head came a loud voice: “We do not need to open your doors to enter the house.” I went back to Barbara and told her about it.

She looked at me with bewilderment. Here in the front room he heard a buzzing sound as from a swarm of bees. Barbara grabbed me by the arm so that it left bruises. I didn’t want to go to find out where it was coming from and was glad that she keeps me. The sound just stopped, and everything.

Jim was convinced that unknown forces are able to control people’s minds. Once the owners have seen that the mailman can’t come to the house as soon as he approached, something made him turn around and run back into the field. The owners, seeing as the mailman runs here and there, thought he was crazy. Only their intervention stopped the postman.

In January of 1977, Jim and Joe, “not knowing why,” went at night to the forest. Right there in the snow stood an object with a diameter of about ten meters. From the object was a strange sound, as if inside was a swarm of angry bees. Jim told Joe to go away, and he approached the object.

– When I got a meter and a half, the sound coming from the object increased. I walked away. At the same time the object became transparent and I saw inside of him the two creatures. Growth they were approximately 1.7 meters in skintight costumes, like a flight suit. Their clothing is not clear how to change color from silver to brown. Light skin, big eyes, blond hair. What struck me most was their huge almond-shaped eyes without pupils.

I have heard their words: “How good of you to come.” They apologized for the inconvenience and said that will produce more than acceptable agreement between us. I said, “What agreement? You kill animals, do not let us live in peace. Why? Want to attract attention? But this, at least, silly.”

Creatures denied everything and asked me not to get too close. Then from somewhere behind the trees came a huge creature covered with dark hair.

So usually the witnesses depict Bigfoot. He approached the object, which abruptly changed the tone of the sound, and the snowman fell. “As you can see, it is deadly” – sounded in my head.

After this being said, later we will continue the conversation. They are not saying goodbye, I just felt it was time to leave.

Jim was hoping that the aliens at least tell the recipe of the cure for cancer or a new method of gold mining, but hopes were in vain. Moreover, the poltergeist in the house increased, and on the ranch began to appear UFO is truly of gigantic proportions. One such ship in the form of a cone saw Barbara. The object had a diameter of at least 300 meters.

It took about a month. One evening in the house the lights went out and he heard a mechanical voice. It was coming from all speakers in the house – radio, TV. The hosts sat in front of the stereo, the voice sounded out again. Jim still remembers the words they heard:

– Attention, we allow you to stay. We have little interfering in your life. Don’t make me do something you’ll regret. Instruct friends to keep quiet about us.

Night Jim opened his eyes and saw beside her bed the three creatures over six feet tall, with very thin limbs. On the breast of each there was an object resembling a box. The creature looked at Jim, who couldn’t move, “as surgeons on lying on the patient table, not cruelly, not indifferent, just watched.” Then Jim fell into the blackness.

A few days later in itself ignited the paint on the porch of the house. For people it was the last straw of patience. The ranch had to quit.

The aliens, having chosen a particular area, prefer to stay in her without witnesses. The energy of the human body does not need them: they prefer to chase people, not to keep them. They can be cruel to animals, but do not encroach on a person’s life. Maybe we just don’t know. It is not excluded that there are places where the aliens have destroyed people and tell them about the events that took place there, no one can.

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