Anomalous celestial phenomena observed in Jerusalem

This event occurred on October 1, 2016 in Jerusalem where the witnesses had heard the strange trumpet sounds and observed the appearance in the sky of a perfect circle of clouds.

An interesting and rather strange phenomenon, the witnesses managed to capture on video. How to explain these strange trumpet sounds. Maybe it’s the sound of pipes – Safarov, but the video made October 1, and blow into Safari traditionally, 2 Oct.

Rosh Hashanah-the Jewish new year starts on October 2 with sunset and lasts two days. According to the Jewish calendar, the holiday marks the beginning of a 5 777 years since the creation of the world. According to Jewish tradition, these days are predetermined by fate and events of the next year.


This holiday is called the day of the sacred Assembly, when it was supposed not to work, and blow the trumpet and make sacrifices. This time God’s judgment over people. In heaven this day is decided — who will live in prosperity, in hardship, and who was destined to die.

In the Torah, this holiday is called Yom trua (a reminder of the sound of the trumpet). The name Yom trua associated with particular commandment assigned to this holiday: to publish a trumpet sound. In the synagogues, certainly a few times to blow the shofar (a brass musical instrument from a RAM’s horn) calling for the rethinking of their actions, repentance, kindness of thoughts. This appeal not only to the ears but to the heart of everyone. The word shofar comes from the word correction, improvement.


The sound of the shofar calls: Wake up those who are asleep, who spends years allotted pointless. Will surveyed their souls and make good your deeds. The tradition to blow the shofar has been going on for the first century, and the horn represents the RAM that Abraham instead of his son Isaac was sacrificed to God.

I’m not a particular expert on Jewish traditions and perhaps for some reason the Jews decided to blow the trumpet to their Safari not the second, and the first of October, but how to explain the perfect circle of clouds accompanied these trumpet blasts.

Jerusalem, the trumpet sounds, a strange circle of clouds, and it all appears in a serious religious holiday, or rather in anticipation of this ancient holiday. Alarming and frightening the signs, but what they carry and what warning?