At the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico found dead lake

Scientists have found a lake in the Gulf of Mexico. Anyone who dares to dive in to the bottom of the sea, waiting for the terrible suffering.

Erik Cordes, a Professor of biology At temple University Temple University examined the object and described their findings in the journal Oceanography.

It was the most amazing thing is that only possible in the depths of the seas. You sink to the bottom of the ocean , and suddenly obnarujivat lake or like a river. I feel like you are in our world, – said Encoder.

Water in the so-called lake, contains five times more salt than the surrounding water. It also contains high levels of toxic methane and hydrogen sulfide and simply can not therefore be mixed with the water column around.

And for people and for other living creatures that fall into this lake, the concentration of toxic substances will be deadly. Only some bacteria and shrimp and tube worms can survive in these conditions.

For researchers, this lake is something like a Playground for research.

A lot of people on the planet looking for the inhabitants of the Earth, able to serve as models creatures we might find when going to other planets, -said Cords.

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