Born in China, Piglet with a human face

Born in China, Piglet with human face and genitals on the forehead. Exactly where was filmed the shocking video is unknown, but the pigs mutants with similar deviations are born from local farmers quite often

It is known that in the past year, a similar pig, which also had a human face and genitalia on his forehead, appeared from the farmer Tao Lu from Nanning city.

Mutant was one of 19 piglets born at the same time in pigs in the farm of a farmer. As soon as photos of the baby went viral today, Tao Lu began to receive messages with a request to sell the monster. Several dozen people came to visit the Chinese specifically to look at the pig.

Unfortunately, soon the baby died because the mother refused to feed him, and teach the pig to the bottle failed. According to Tao Lu, he could sell the beast more than all their pig herd, but not in time to do so.

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Harem King

You know what funny? Someone with a dick where their nose should be.

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