Bright objects appeared in the skies over Urengoy, Russia

Today, 42 km from p. Urengoy in Yamalo-Nenets guards, recorded on surveillance cameras two flashes. First at 00:35, second at 01:11 (GMT is 22:35, 23:11.

Here’s how they describe this phenomenon:

I only saw the first camera flash and then have a couple of seconds before her disappearance, he immediately ran outside, but what was not seen. During the second outbreak also were in the room, the second flash seen partner out the window.

A similar phenomenon was observed one day earlier, with an error of a couple of minutes:

Seen only as something quite bright was heading it to the ground. It was not like a falling star. The body that had fallen was broken up into 4 parts and they disappeared from sight, leaving only a tiny point (like after the fireworks), but these balances have gone up, not down… . These two nights were no explosions or anything like that. We have here very quiet and we would have heard.

Urengoy — the settlement of urban type in the Purovsky district of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district of Russia. It forms a municipal village of Urengoy. Population — 10190.

The village is situated on the right Bank of the PUR river near the confluence of the river Great Hadirlah and near the confluence of the river Evo-Yaha. Station Korotchaevo railway Terminus on the branch from the village of Korotchaevo, which passes through a branch in Novy Urengoy, there is also a river port.

The village of Urengoy is located near the Arctic circle on the banks of the river PUR in 245 km from the mouth, at the confluence of its tributaries Large and Small Hadirah, 15 km from the station of Korotchaevo — railway Tyumen — Surgut — New Urengoy, located on the left Bank of the river. From the district center of the city Tarko-sale village Urengoy deleted on 150 km the connection with the station of Korotchaevo is by road via a pontoon crossing.

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