Camera in the forest recorded the bellow of the bigfoot

Mysterious video appeared on the YouTube channel Nv Tv, where almost 60 thousand views have already been collected. On the YouTube channel Nv Tv, dedicated to the evidence of the existence of a snowman, a new video appeared. The hidden camera installed in the forest allegedly recorded its roar. From the 20th …

At the beginning of the video, there is complete tranquility, but after a while the silence is replaced by a cry that is hard to call an animal. A few seconds later, an incomprehensible creature begins to approach the camera. This can be understood by the sound of rustling leaves on the ground and the crunching of branches.

Researchers studying the snowman, told the Daily Star that these places are famous for the legends of the yeti. Eyewitnesses have repeatedly claimed that not only heard incomprehensible sounds, but also from afar saw a huge strange creature making its way through the trees.

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