Chupacabra terrorizes Berezhki in the Leningrad region of Russia

Over a week, the inhabitants of the settlement lost 200 birds. The predator leaves the carcass in place untouched. He only kills.

Local residents have decided that the culprits of their losses are stray dogs. Dvornyag, a flock of people inhabiting nearby settlements, were shot. Left only two – the most calm. But the night crimes continued.

“First cats … This year the dogs … Next year in Berezhki shoot the sparrows,” – Resist violent measures resident of the settlement, Anatoly Ivanov.

In the gardens there are animal tracks, really similar to canine ones, on the perches there are marks from the teeth of the beast.

“This is not a dog, the dog will completely devour.There” the victim “simply presses the” victim “and, perhaps, drinks blood,” Maria Selezneva writes. Berezhkovtsy appealed to the administration of the rural settlement and the police, but officials and the ministry point a finger at each other, while the mysterious animal continues to visit the yards and destroy domestic chicken, ducks and geese under the cover of night.

Residents think that it is better to put cameras or traps, and they suspect that Chupacabra has started in the Leningrad region.

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