Cigar-like UFOs were observed in Indiana, USA

In the American state of Indiana in La Porte County, an eyewitness observed the flight of a cigar-like unidentified flying object.

The most interesting thing is that everything happened during the day and the UFO was flying slowly and at a very low altitude. The eyewitness reported on what happened in the world observation network of UFO (MUFON) and sent a video of this object.

According to an eyewitness (truck driver), he noticed an object moving to the east of La Port district. He stopped the car and watched the strange flying object.

The UFO was moving very slowly, the surface was shiny reflective light. The UFO was flying over a high-voltage transmission line from west to east. And the object did not hide and even for some time hung in the sky over a small farm located among the fields.

The driver called the Manisipal airport and reported that an unidentified object was flying in the sky, and he received a response from the dispatcher that there were no flying objects on the airport radars. Also, the airport official said that no permits for the flights of agricultural insurance were issued on that day and there should not be any unmanned aerial vehicles in the sky.

The video is certainly interesting. If this is an extraterrestrial aircraft, it is surprising that it is openly moving at low altitude in broad daylight. If it’s some kind of terrestrial airship, it’s strange that they do not know about its flight in the service of a local airport and do not observe it on radars. Although the object moved very low and can therefore not be seen by the airport radar?

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