Close contacts with aliens

Meetings with aliens reported by eyewitnesses, are divided into different degrees of proximity of such contacts. Usually everything is limited to the observation of unknown flying objects from afar, but there are also other contacts of which it is also worth mentioning.

Many women were not afraid to talk about close contacts with representatives of other worlds. It is worth noting that for such statements – openly with publications in the press or TV appearances, the courage was necessary, because witnesses of such close contacts immediately attacked a flurry of criticism up to accusations of insanity.

But despite this, thanks to brave female representatives, the world community still learned about the dark side of the UFO phenomenon. A trailblazer, so to speak, was the girl Doreti Stout, who not only stated what had happened, but also underwent an official medical examination that documented the consequences of this contact.

After her, hundreds of thousands of women who had experienced similar experiences were not afraid to talk about such contacts. As for Doetti, the survey revealed something abnormal in her reproductive organs, doctors had the impression that she had repeatedly become a mother at the time, when in fact she had never produced offspring, but what happened then?

Understand this dark history was helped by hypnosis sessions on which she remembered everything that had happened to her. It turned out that when she was alone in her house, a bright light appeared, she looked out the window and saw there a shining UFO, and then she was drawn into a ray of light.

It happened not so long ago in 1993. Doreti remembered that she was in captivity with extraterrestrial beings for 36 weeks. And all this time she was subjected to various medical experiments and six times became a mother, but she was immediately taken away from the newborns.

According to the memoirs of Doretti, the alien beings who abducted her and kept her on a spaceship were not friendly to people at all. They considered them only as an object for genetic experiments. consumables, experimental animals.

Doretti said that the purpose of these experiments was to create a hybrid race of people who were half human – externally, but extraterrestrially internally. This new species was created in order that hybrids would occupy key posts in the governments of terrestrial states, and then completely enslave our planet.

A new race of semi-humans, semi-aliens, was created to colonize our blue planet.

Similar incidents were recorded around the world, including in Russia. All the women remembered the details after the hypnosis sessions and all their stories were similar, although they did not know each other. They all told that they were surrogate mothers, who were used to reproduce hybrid creatures. These hybrids were almost copies of ordinary people, but they had a distinctive feature – a disproportionately enlarged head.

The question arises, why should extraterrestrial beings use people to create a hybrid race, is it not easier for them to capture our planet by themselves, given their full technological superiority. But the answer to this question was also received from some women abducted by extraterrestrials.

Aliens lost the ability to reproduce. Their race was on the verge of extinction. They regard the earth as an object for colonization and the renewal of a kind. For this, hybrids are created that are very well adapted to life on Earth and at the same time possess the abilities inherent in their alien race.

Interestingly, when women were asked where the alien laboratory was, the vast majority claimed that it was located on the far side of the moon and there are already a lot of hybrid creatures that are being prepared to capture our planet.

Of course, the very probability of such events is categorically denied by all official structures, but the number of such stories and testimonies of abductees can not be just fictions. Too many details and details coincide in told women of abductees from different countries around the globe.

Who knows. may one day on our planet invade beings very similar to us, but completely alien to our civilization. the history of the Earth knows examples when small groups of conquerors conquered numerous nations that did not possess the technological power that the colonialists used.

Hypothetically, this situation may well happen to all of humanity, but we will hope that it will not come to this. Otherwise, we are destined for the fate of the Indians, who were destroyed by the conquistadors.

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