“Cthulhu” spread his tentacles in the sky over South England

Eyewitnesses who witnessed this unusual phenomenon observed on July 3 in the sky over South England were very surprised and amazed by what they saw.

People who observed this strange phenomenon call it “Tentacles Cthulhu”, “Cosmic Octopus” and “Alien Kraken”. A truly unusual formation in the sky resembles the tentacles of a giant underwater monster and people giving similar names to this phenomenon can be fully understood.

What was that? The fact is that this strange formation in the clouds can not even be compared. On the inversion tracks it does not at all resemble what it is then – traces of UFOs left in the sky as a result of flying in the lower layers of the atmosphere, of some very large flying object, or it is again a manifestation of “climatic weapons”, some secret programs for climate management to combat global warming?

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