Deer steel is human corpses

Deer are cute and harmless herbivorous creatures, at least, as we previously thought. But it seems that something went wrong. Forensics do many strange things to uncover crimes and to identify bodies. For example, sometimes they leave corpses rotting in the forest in order to find out what happens to them during and after decomposition. Such experiments are often conducted at the Texas Forensic Anthropology Research Center.

In 2014, researchers left the body in the wooded part of the center. They wanted to study what marks will be left on the corpse of various scavengers, so they put next to him a camera that reacts to movement. At first everything was as usual: foxes, vultures, raccoons, coyotes came to the corpse, but a few months later someone unexpected appeared on the scene.

On January 5, 2015, the camera photographed a young deer standing next to the skeleton and holding a human rib in its mouth. Then it repeated, however, whether it was unknown whether it was the same deer or another. This is the first recorded case of how a deer eats human remains, and an article about it is published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences.

Scientists believe that deer and other herbivores sometimes need minerals – such as phosphorus, salt and calcium – which they get from meat when they are not in their regular diet, especially in the winter.

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